Welcome to my personal web page. This is to have a place to put my personal art projects and whatever else. I have a small collection of personal art projects as well as some content related to the web as it was when I was growing up hosted here.


  • 8/22/22 -- I took my blog down due to general privacy concerns, since it's probably not that hard to link me to this site. I haven't made the effort to replace it with anything yet. Maybe i eventually will if i can ever figure out how to have a blog that doesn't have embarrassing stuff in it. Or maybe i'm just not interested in this site anymore, who knows

  • 2/7/22 -- This site is now accessible at

  • 2/1/22 -- I upscaled some Pokemon-themed desktop backgrounds fron 1997 I found on an old CD on Check it out!

  • 12/6/2021 -- Made a page for microblogging. For small posts that i don't want to put on my Blog blog and that i also don't want to post on twitter. some stuff i'd rather just shout to the void & be pretty sure none of my friends will ever see it.

  • 11/13/2021 -- I have added a page that includes a download and a rehost of the Petz 4 Web Fun Pack, a resource pack of graphics created as part of the game Petz 4.

  • 11/7/2021 -- Added a (non-autoplaying) music player courtesy of SCM Player. It should continue to play smoothly across the site as you move from page to page. I didn't even put anything weird on it. I also added a new page to Projects about kisekae. Check it out!

  • 10/25/21 -- The GAN Tarot deck is complete and all minor arcana are now viewable. Next step is I'm getting a copy of it printed for myself!