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February 19, 2022

I got an analogue pocket!!!

One of my friends sold us one she'd gotten through preorder. It's really good!! A beautiful little piece of equipment. I have absolutely no complaints about it. I'm confident that ROM support will come eventually one way or another but it doesn't really matter that much to me because I already have 2 GB/GBA flash carts and a small collection of other carts. The screen is incredible. It's kinda breathtaking.

I'm really looking forward to the expanded GB camera functionality they're promising -- the ability to print photos to the SD card. I've always really wanted to play with the GB camera as a camera and i think this will make that a lot more practical. The screen is GREAT for it. Here's a picture of my cat I took using the GB camera.

February 15 2022

Man I know i'm far from the first person to point this out but the internet fuckin sucks these days, huh?

Google search doesn't find fuckin anything you want anymore. Nearly every query has a good chunk of spammy garbage returned as the results, or just websites that aren't trustworthy at all. Like if you look for anything health-related, you'll find a few results from places like the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Health but most of it is gonna be your WebMD competitors, websites that exist for ad placement and to make you feel bad so you'll click around more. Definitely not places to send people looking for information on diseases they may have or suspect they have.

Another thing I've really been taking issue with is searches for pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs. Even with your regular non-fun drugs, it feels like wikipedia (the only place i believe will reliably give me all the information i want about a drug or medication in one place) is deprioritized in the results. But with recreational drugs it's even worse because almost all the top results are misinformation-packed anti-drug sites that are advertising for rehabs (and they talk about, like, LSD addiction!). It's to the point where for MOST queries if I want wikipedia i have to specify that in my query -- it used to be way easier to find wikipedia pages for search results than it is.

Also websites are like 70% unviewable anymore. I remember being a kid and having to be careful about what websites I went to because I didn't want to have to deal with loud autoplaying noises, pop-up ads, deceptive links, etc. and then for a while there all of that stuff was just GONE for a while and it was really nice. and now it's all back and it's fucking worse than ever! every single news site immediately opens with autoplaying streaming video, which i never want to watch, so i always have to try to close it or mute the tab as the very first thing i do on the site. Like if I go to an article it's because i want to read the article, not watch a video, and definitely fucking not both at the same time, i'm really not sure who that experience is supposed to be for.

And there's the popups, which make it so you basically have to wait 5 minutes for the page to load every fucking popup so you can close them and view the page. A lot of sites will wait until you've sat there or scrolled for a few minutes and then interrupt and completely ruin whatever you were doing with a fucking pointless ad for their email list or whatever, which i am literally not even going to read, just close automatically. And you've got to dismiss the thing that says "we're putting tracking stuff on your browser just fyi", and there's all the interstitial ads that adblock doesn't even fucking touch for some reason. And the pages are so badly laid-out, because they have to accommodate literally as many ads as they can possibly fit on the page, that sometimes when you're reading an article it looks like you've reached the end of the page when there's actually quite a bit left.

And obviously on mobile this is all even worse because there is no adblock for mobile. For fuck's sake, use adblock, and any website that begs me to turn off my adblock is just a website i'm not going to visit because if you ask something like that of me it's clear you don't understand what ads, yes even your ads, are actually like these days. I haven't even touched on the content of the ads. (also that said my website actually does require you to turn off your adblock because of my music player..... but also my site has no ads on it of any kind, and you can just disable it for this page instead of having to do it for all of neocities or what have you).

i am sure i'm not alone in this, but i do not look at ads, ever. My brain has trained itself to automatically ignore them because they are not and will not ever be important to me. The more ads they keep slapping everywhere they can, the more i'll ignore them until eventually i'm pushed out of the site entirely because the whole thing is fucking ads.

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