• 9/11 Tribute Museum -- a museum of old Geocities 9/11 tributes, a phenomenon I always found fascinating.

  • GAN Tarot -- the Tarot Major Arcana created with VQGAN+CLIP.

  • Other GAN art -- Just a dump of all the GAN-created images I have saved.

  • Check out my poetry. This page is unfinished and also my poetry sucks so click at your own risk.

  • I put together a small page on Kisekae, virtual paper doll toys that were popular in the online anime crowd when I was a teenager, which includes a link to install Kiss viewers and a zip file of dolls compiled by myself.

  • Check out the Petz Web Fun Pack rehosted here.

  • I upscaled several old Pokemon desktop backgrounds from a CD I found on More info here!