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Cool Links Last updated 1/21/22
Zines on Archive.org Archive.org's library of zines. Lots of really interesting stuff here, a good way to waste some time. Warning: you will likely encounter adult content and also morally objectionable content! Browse with care!
Admiral Cloudberg on Medium Admiral Cloudberg writes in-depth articles analyzing plane crashes that are technical enough to be deeply fascinating but clear enough for a layman to understand.
DeepL Translator A translator that works better than google translate. It seems to be better at refining its result into natural language, or perhaps just more accurate in general. It's free to use (for limited characters) and has a desktop app I use all the time.
The Charley Project An exhaustive database of facts about missing people. If you're anything like me, there's hours of fascinating reading here.
Sandspiel.Club A little browser-based game, based off of the old "falling sand" genre of javascript game. This one is a little different than those ones but it's cute and it's a good timewaster.
Random Street View Drops you in a random place in the world on Google Maps streetview.
Project Sand A great implementation of the classic "falling sand" game.
Wiby.me A search engine focused on the old web (or sites in that vein). A good resource for interesting stuff.
Gifcities Archive.org-powered search machine for gifs on archived Geocities pages. A great way to find gifs, but also a great way to find weird old websites.
Telehack A game made to feel like hacking the pre-WWW internet, and a museum of tons of old internet content all rolled in to one, served over telnet (if you're cool enough). How to even begin to describe the amount of content here? Old textfiles, old usenet archives, tons of old games.
GlassTTY The website for the TELSTAR videotex system, with an article on how to access it on both modern and older machines. Be a cool person and read your news via teletext by downloading the BBS BASIC for SDL program!
Synchronet BBS list List of active BBSs running on Synchronet software. Some of them have HTML links but if you need BBS software this page also links to SyncTERM which will allow you to view them. You'll also find a link to the Synchronet site where you can download Synchronet if you want to make your own BBS.
A New Session Webpage for a queer and trans zine served over telnet with instructions on how to connect.
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature Translations of Ancient Sumerian literature.
Ted The Caver The original "creepypasta", preserved on Angelfire after all this time.
The Dionaea House, via archive.org The Dionaea House horror story website, preserved on the Wayback Machine!
Stefan's Florilegium Archive A site containing a massive backup of posts from a mailing list for the Society for Creative Anachronism, providing a resource for all sorts of creative activities.
Melanie's Mystical Unicorns Angelfire site about unicorns. Unicorn poems, unicorn galleries....
Mima's Room Mima's Room, based on the website from the anime movie Perfect Blue.
TwoSeven Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch a synced video while chatting with friends. This one is nice because it lets you source the video from youtube, plex, other places, or even google drive, so you can just upload whatever you want to google drive and watch it with friends. Also allows for webcam and voice chat. When it works, it's pretty slick!
Button Maker Online Make 88x31 or 80x15 buttons for your website (the lazy way).
PikaPics.com A resurrected early-web Pikachu fansite. Pikachu pics, pikachu vids, pikachu MP3s, and so on.
Dollz Mania Neocities site about cartoon dollz with links to hundreds of archived, functional dollmakers.
Down the Rabbit Hole: The world of estranged parents' forums A fascinating in-depth look at the phenomenon of adult children of abusive parents choosing to become estranged from them as shown through the lens of the support forums these parents find themselves on. Well worth a read regardless of your own situation.
Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate - How And When It May Be Entered. I'm sure everyone's seen this website now but it really is a trip. I was briefly very obsessed with this cult during my LSD phase.
Jubyla Not even sure how to describe this one. A beautiful little website, copyright 2000, obviously made by a little kid. So charming and adorable.
Living Computer Museum -- Online systems INCREDIBLE! This site has a list of historical computers that are available to SSH into and explore, something I've always wanted to do. There's a Honeywell 6180 running Multics, among other things.