Kisekae are virtual "paper doll" toys, early dressup games popular with girls and women in the 90s/2000s. They were especially popular among anime fans, and many of the dolls created were anime and manga characters. I've done a quick look and I haven't seen any other kisekae pages on neocities so I thought I'd go ahead and add my own. I played the hell out of these toys when I was a young teen!

How to play Kisekae

Otakuworld has a collection of Kiss doll viewers. Direct Kiss 1.1.1 works for me on Windows 10. Otakuworld is the biggest resource for Kiss dolls out there that I know of! It used to be a paid subscription site but eventually as the fandom tapered off into nothing it was made free. There are hundreds of dolls available on the site for download.

Once you've installed a viewer, you need to download individual dolls. I've put together a collection of dolls that I personally adore and played with when I was younger. These are all downloaded from Otakuworld, linked above. Many of them are originally sourced from long-dead geocities and personal art pages. I did not create any of them and present this file only in an attempt at preservation.


Download -- 36.43 mb

Link to another archive of dolls & player on (This one contains pornographic dolls, be warned)


  • Aragonite's Kiss Site -- An old geocities page rehosted on OOCities of one of my favorite Kiss artists. Unlikely that the downloads still function but many of them can be found in my resource pack and at Otakuworld.
  • Otakuworld -- Click on "The Big Kiss Page" and then "Kiss Doll Library" to get to where the dolls are, and use the bracketed menu items on the right-side frame to navigate the library. As of 2014 all dolls have been made free to download, and many/most of them do not have mature themes.
  • KiSS Cafe -- I haven't poked around this site very much but there seem to be tons of dolls i've never even seen before on it!
  • Left Of Center -- Website of Kiss artist Emby Quinn, hosted on tripod, in all its 2000s goth glory.
  • Wikipedia article on KiSS (Kisekae Set System)

  • Examples of Kiss dolls