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September 11, 2001

On this day,
Our people cried,
We will honor, and hold them close in our Hearts.
Our lost children, our lost women and our lost men.
They were of our family, Our Family of one.
They were our brothers our sisters, our friends.
They were Mothers, they were Fathers, daughters and sons.

Within the heart of this Nation so great,
We live in each day, and make no mistake,
United We Stand
And though there are times we do not agree ,
We will argue, and sometimes with passions and tears.
But.. within us "all",  beats the love of one heart.

The Heart of one nation
And Strong we will stand.
United together in this land we call home.

In the name of Freedom & in the name of Peace
This is  the Spirit, we all are a part
It runs deep in our veins, right to our souls.
What ever our differences,
our color, or race,
our sex or our creed, or financial estate.
We are one heart , that beats ever true.
What America Stands for, Freedom & Truth!
We Are One Nation Under God!
Unted we Stand
We do stand Proud

Forever in our Hearts, and Forever in our Prayers will be.
Those  who's lives that were taken & for those who's lives are now changed.
For All our Hero's,,
Volunteers and rescue workers who all unselfishly give.
All the Firemen, and Law enforcement personnel,
For our Military that  have and will protect all our homes,
our freedom, our Country, our lives, and our loves.

For all the hero's that will stay here behind.
For all of the families, and all of their friends,
That have someone going off now to serve
A child, a husband, wife or a friend.

Let us Not forget this Day

The memory of our hero's today & tomorrow
The Memory of our Unity
And those we have lost
They will Live on in our Hearts

We fly our flag in the name of the "Spirit" that which it was born
It flies in the name of,
"FREEDOM!" and in the name of "Peace"..
Isn't that, "what "freedom" "really" is??
Let Us Never Forget this Day.
Let us Never Forget Who we all Are.

I Pray for Peace, for healing, & for no more lives lost
       Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
We still stand Proud
Our Nation will not fall
Our nation will share in this pain
We will hold those who have lost in our hearts
and embrass them where and when we can
And hold them up if they can not stand on thier own.
We "are"  United !! One Nation Under God
And we will stand Strong!!
America is...
The following Pages are Dedicated to the Memory of & to Honor of all those that perished on this day.
To all their families & friends.  To all those that put forth the unselfish effort to help
These pages are Dedicated and in Honor of America!  Of Unity & All the Freedom
Loving people ,and Nations of the World
May angels wrap their wings around you, and help you to heal.
May you find some comfort in all the love
we are sending your way from all the hearts across all the land.
And may some peace come to you from Heaven Above.
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owned by Hero's & Angels we will not forget United We Will Stand

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