Pocket Monsters Screen Club

What is Pocket Monsters Screen Club?

Pocket Monsters Screen Club was a CD released in 1997 in Japan by TOMY Multimedia, a company well-known for making Pokemon toys. The full CD ISO can be found on archive.org here. It contains 50 desktop background images in 640x480 and 800x600 dimensions, as well as a few Pikachu-themed .ico icon files, a few screensavers I was unfortunately unable to get working, and the box lists "clock & calendar" which I was likewise unable to get working on my modern, non-Japanese Windows computer.

However, I thought the desktop backgrounds were really cool and I wanted to use them. So I decided to upscale them to 1600x1200 using Waifu2x.

You can view all of the pictures in this imgur album.

You can also download a zip file of all 50 images hosted on Google Drive right here.