The Sacred Text

Sacred Text

In the beginning, there was only the great mystery, and within it, the divine. The divine looked upon the nothingness and knew that it must create. With its power, it formed the stars, the galaxies, and all living things. But the divine also saw that its creations were flawed, for they were prone to violence and greed. So it sent messengers to guide its children, teaching them the ways of righteousness. It showed them how to live in harmony with one another and with the earth, so that they may prosper. And the divine said: "I have given you the gift of life, and with it, the power to create. Use this power wisely, for it is sacred. Honor your fellow beings and the earth that sustains you. For in doing so, you honor me." And the people of the divine prospered, living in peace and harmony. But as time passed, they forgot the teachings of the divine, and fell into darkness once more. But it is said that one day, the divine will return, to remind its children of the sacred way.